Jewellery allowed me to always create my own interpretation of the world and share it forward. Because it is meant to interact with our bodies, it is much more personal than any other art forms. As such, I encourage everyone to wear the pieces that speak to their soul, to turn themselves into the artwork they want to become.

We are all a kaleidoscope of shifting beauty, and its colours change every day. My jewellery would like to accompany you on your fascinating journey and witness it. They are certainly durable enough to do it.

Having a great passion for nature, jewellery and beauty, I collect all types of materials that catch my eyes to imbue them with my energy. What always drives me is the character of each material and I want to follow their nature. It feels like I merely guide them on the journey to find their preferred shape. As such, each piece has its own personality to share with you.

The mad hatterThe mad hatter