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We  all want to be accepted. More often that not we sand clear facets on ourselves.  It seems  to be easier to become ideal wallflowers that blend in the field. 

But what happens when ideal doesn't exactly feel right?

Maybe we should take a page from Alice's book and dare to walk the path of the Underland. Embracing all of our "muchness" will allow us to redefine our reality. 

I chose to let myself get carried away by instinct in this collection.  At times, i felt to tall to be myself. Or too short. I dared to "dream six impossible things before breakfast" and became someone else.

Each gem demanded it's own wildflower to impress onto the world. While not ideal, they chose to be perfect just as they are. Their energy is unmistakable.

This is what you get when you let yourself go far enough.

Strong. Bold. Unique. Impossible.  

Cheshire Cat
Mad Hatter
Queen of Hearts
White Rabbit
White Queen