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1.06 The White Queen

1.06 The White Queen
1.06 The White Queen
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  • Code: Curious06
  • Dimensions: 60.00mm x 44.00mm x 47.00mm
Ex Tax: 1,960.00RON
Even when you spend time looking at me, could you truly figure out my true color? You will try to label me. Even now. It's more comfortable to your sensibilities. But my sharp corners won't make it easy on you. I'm not as uniform as you all try to become.

I see you all reaching for an absolute perfect. But it seems that it exists only when validated by your peers. You try so hard to build it that you forget to look at it from time to time. Does it still looks like you when you use so many of other people's bricks? It seems to ruffle your pretty little petals if you look at it to hard.

Just for fun, let's leave other people's perfect stuff alone and focus a bit on yourself. Your shape may be a little wild with ideas sometimes, but it needs a bit of selfishness to be balanced.
Material Recycled 925 silver
Gemstone Apophilite
Size 10