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Autumn tree
  • Autumn tree

    The enchanting Autumn Tree Ring is a masterpiece that embodies the timeless symbol of the tree of life. Across cultures and creeds, this majestic tree stands as a unifying force, woven into the intricate tapestry of our existence. This exquisite ring, meticulously crafted from 925 silver, captures the essence of the autumn season when the tree generously imparts its blessings upon the world.


    The Autumn Tree Ring is adorned with a harmonious blend of gemstones, each chosen for its inherent beauty and significance. Delicate Amethyst stones infuse the design with a soothing aura, promoting clarity and spiritual growth. Radiant Peridots, reminiscent of the vibrant foliage, symbolize new beginnings and prosperity. The enchanting Sapphires embedded in the ring evokes a sense of wisdom and divine protection. Finally, the fiery Garnets, akin to the rich hues of autumn, infuse the piece with passion and energy.


    Celebrate the abundance of the season and express gratitude for life's bountiful blessings with the Autumn Tree Ring. It serves as a reminder to embrace the natural cycle of growth, nourishment, and transformation that the tree of life embodies.

    • Details

      Material 925 silver

      35 ct Amethyst (25*20 mm)

      2 ct Peridots

      4 ct Sapphires

      2 ct Garnets

      Total weight  35.6gr

      5.5 cm * 3 cm

      1.5 cm height on top

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