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  • Beginning

    Immersed in a soft embrace of nature, the "Beginning" ring embodies the tranquil strength of the often overlooked but always present guardian of the forest - the mossy blanket that lifts and protects. Crafted with intricate passion, this masterpiece tells the story of rebirth, warmth, and tranquil strength that whispers in the early spring, guiding life to bloom again.


    Expertly forged from premium 925 silver, the ring showcases a staggering 300 ct Malachite at its center, a gemstone chosen for its deep connection to the transformative energies of nature. It evokes the vibrant hues of fresh moss, a serene, yet ever-resilient presence in the natural world, constantly rejuvenating, bringing peace, and fulfilling its purpose, just like the malachite cradled in this ring.


    Weighing a total of 36 grams and sized at 5 cm by 3 cm, the "Beginning" ring is a substantial piece, offering a bold statement of strength in the delicate artistry of its design. With each facet of the malachite reflecting a deeper story, a story of strength in gentility, the ring invites you to become part of this living tapestry, a mosaic of nature in harmony, ready to nurture and protect, ready to begin anew. This piece is not just a ring, but a tangible piece of poetry, a timeless narrative wrapped around your finger, constantly reminding you of the tranquil power that resides in beginnings.

    • Details

      Material 925 silver
      Gemstones 300 ct Malachite
      Total weight  36 gr
      Dimensions 5 cm * 3 cm
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