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Cacti bloom
  • Cacti bloom

    Immersed in the Victorian era's grandeur, this unique bouquet honors the cherished art of proper etiquette and the language of flowers. Just as the upper echelons of society revered subtle expressions, this exquisite bouquet speaks volumes in whispers of enduring love.


    Drawing inspiration from the rich tradition of Victorian flower communication, this bouquet embraces the cactus flower's unique symbolism—a testament to the unwavering commitment and the resilience of love amid life's trials.


    A captivating symphony of vibrant colors and delicate blooms awaits you. Each handpicked favorite, infused with its distinct meaning, harmoniously intertwines to create a tapestry of emotions. Feel the passion of deep affection in the passionate red, experience the tranquility of purity in the serene yellow, embrace the vivacity of life in the vibrant green, and discover the tenderness of affection in the soft pink.


    Exquisitely crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this bouquet pays homage to the timeless beauty and significance of this historic tradition. Whether declaring your love, commemorating a milestone, or simply delighting someone special, these enchanting bouquets offer an everlasting expression of heartfelt emotions.

    • Details


      925 silver 

      colored pigments


      Pink opal

      Red garnet


      Total weight  52.9 gr 

      6 cm * 5 cm

      4 cm height on top

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