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  • Gaia

    This amulet is a true tribute to the splendor of the Earth's natural beauty. Making this piece, I was endlessly inspired by the stunning landscapes that birthed the exquisite gems that adorn it. 

    The amulet is a sum of the most beautiful gems that have been trapped within the Earth's surface for centuries. Each gemstone used in the piece has been carefully selected for its unique color and texture, from the opal's iridescent flash to the amethyst's deep purple hue. The peridot's bright green, the yellow sapphires' warmth, and the citrine's sunny yellow all add to the beauty and vibrancy of this stunning piece. These gems have been placed within the silver framework in a way that showcases their individual beauty while also creating a stunning overall display.

    But the piece isn't just about the gems themselves - it also incorporates empty shells that once held beauty, serving as a poignant reminder of the finite nature of our planet's resources. These shells are a testament to the need for greater awareness of our impact on the environment and a call to appreciate the beauty that still surrounds us.

    As you wear it, it is meant to inspire a deep connection to the Earth's natural beauty and a sense of harmony with the world around you. Let the  amulet be your constant reminder to cherish and protect the Earth's abundant resources, just as it has inspired me to create this magnificent piece.

    • Details

      Material 925 silver

      Opal, Amethyst, Peridot, Citrine, Tourmaline, Colored sapphires

      Total weight  20 gr

      Pendant: 8.5 cm x 3 cm

      Chain length:68 cm




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