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Seeds of promise
  • Seeds of promise

    SKU: NECK01

    A pod is a keeper of promises.
    A promise of a new beginning.
     A promise of life.


    Sometimes, a promise is the only thing that makes us move forward. The promise that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Of spring. That the seeds will be fruitful and impart their diversity and abundance onto us. 


    Peridot likes the mystery carried by the seed and has the vision to carry it forward. With the Seeds of Promise necklace, embrace the beauty of promises fulfilled and the boundless abundance that nature bestows upon us. Wear it as a tangible reminder of the transformative power that lies within every seed, and let it inspire you to nurture your own dreams into magnificent realities.

    • Details

      Material 925 silver
      Gemstones 300 ct Green peridot
       Total weight  147 gr

      25 cm front piece

      15 cm detachable back piece

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