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Remains of the feast
  • Remains of the feast

    SKU: BR0001

    In a world where consumption reigns supreme and our disregard for the future knows no bounds, one question remains: What is left after we've consumed everything? This thought-provoking query should resonate deep within our souls, urging us to reflect on our actions and their consequences. As we voraciously deplete resources and mindlessly pollute our surroundings, we seem to have lost sight of the repercussions for generations to come, including the fate of our precious planet. In our wake, we leave behind a trail of devastation, scorched earth serving as a haunting testament to our indifference.


    Yet, amidst this bleak reality, there is a glimmer of hope. Nature, with its inherent resilience, has a remarkable way of rebounding, even if it means doing so without our presence. It adapts, evolves, and thrives, breathing life into the harshest of environments. Witnessing the tenacity of nature as it finds its way through seemingly insurmountable challenges evokes a profound sense of awe and wonder, stirring the depths of our hearts.


    Nevertheless, the unfortunate truth remains that we continue to make it increasingly difficult for nature to flourish alongside us. Are we prepared to relinquish our role as custodians of the Earth and forfeit the opportunity to witness the transformative power of our planet in the future? This is a question we must grapple with, for the consequences of our actions will shape the world that awaits the generations to follow.


    • Details

      Material Bronze and 925 silver


      Crushed crystalline tourmaline

      Total weight  80.5 gr

      8 cm * 6 cm *5 cm

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