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Seeds of life
  • Seeds of life

    Discover the enchantment of new beginnings with the "Seeds of Life" brooch. Lovingly fashioned from 925 silver, this piece is a physical manifestation of life’s most precious promises.


    At its core nestles 45 cts of round-cut peridots, a gem revered for its deep connection to the Earth and its cycles of renewal. This gemstone, rich with mysteries, beckons the promise of fruitful tomorrows, whispering secrets of abundance and diversity.


    Spanning 6.5 cm by 4.5 cm with a height of 1.5 cm, and weighing a comfortable 25 grams, it lies gracefully against your attire, a constant companion reminding you of the beautiful promises waiting to unfold in life's rich tapestry.


    Allow the Seeds of Life brooch to hold close the enchanting promise of spring, guiding you forward with a radiant beacon of hope, representing not only a jewelry piece but a guardian of dreams and bearer of life’s vibrant potential.


    I invite you to carry the spirit of rejuvenation and the whispered promises of seeds ready to burst forth into life, with the one-of-a-kind “Seeds of Life” brooch—a keeper of secrets, a holder of promise, and a herald of fruitful and abundant tomorrows.

    • Details

      Material 925 silver
      Gemstones 45 ct Green peridot
      Total weight  25 gr

      6.5 cm * 4.5 cm

      1.5 cm height

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