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  • Strength

    Dive into the poetic beauty of nature with "Strength", a versatile accessory crafted to be your daily dose of freshness and tenacity. Wear it as a brooch or a pendant, or split it into two lovely pieces, each telling a story of growth and the stunning wonder of becoming who you are meant to be.


    Inspired by the magical journey from youth to adulthood, “Strength” is a tribute to the unsung poetry of the blooming coconut flower — a reminder of the unbeatable spirit within all of us, always tender at the core yet strong enough to withstand life’s trials.


    In the heart of this piece lies the peridot, a gem echoing the deep secrets of lush forests, bringing a dash of nature's vitality to your daily wear. It's like wearing a piece of spring's freshest green, promising new beginnings, and nurturing your spirit with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

    Teaming up with peridot is the resilient aventurine, a gem of quiet strength and determination, held securely by silver — a metal renowned for its purity and tranquil energy. It’s your slice of the earth, a little piece of grounded harmony, ever encouraging you to flourish with hope and persistence.


    Wearing "Strength" is an invitation to rediscover the beauty and resilience woven into your being. It’s a call to celebrate your journey, honor your growth, and remember the ever-present vibrant garden within you.


    It’s more than an accessory; it’s your story of courage and love, reminding you to embrace life with an open heart, ready to experience the beautiful blossoms waiting on your path.

    • Details

      Material 925 silver

      60 ct Peridot

      29 ct Green aventurine

      Total weight  92gr

      Central flower: 9.2 cm*4.5 cm*2 cm thick

      Small petal: 4.8 cm*2.5 cm*1 cm thick

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