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Summer tree
  • Summer tree

    Introducing the enchanting Summer Tree Ring, a testament to the celestial connection between nature and our inner spirits. Crafted from gleaming 925 silver, this exquisite piece embodies the captivating allure of the sun's radiant energy. Just like the tree that reaches skyward, its branches dance gracefully, capturing the sun's warm rays and imbuing us with newfound strength.


    This extraordinary ring boasts a harmonious blend of vibrant gemstones, each chosen to mirror the vibrant hues of a summer's day. The fiery Orange Citrine exudes warmth and vitality, while the deep Garnet exudes passion and intensity. Colored sapphires add a touch of celestial charm, reflecting summer's richness. Meanwhile, the refreshing Peridot symbolizes growth and rejuvenation, while the mesmerizing Amethyst represents spiritual enlightenment.


    Wear the Summer Tree Ring as a radiant reminder to embrace the sun's illuminating presence and harness its power within you. Let your inner light shine forth and illuminate the world around you, just like the majestic tree that reaches for the heavens. Embrace the spirit of summer and let this exquisite ring become a cherished symbol of your connection to nature's brilliance.

    • Details

      Material 925 silver



      Colored sapphires



      Total weight  37 gr

      4cm*3 cm*2.5 cm





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