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Twisted knot
  • Twisted knot

    The mesmerizing Twisted Knot is a testament to the infinite journey of life. Crafted with meticulous care, this exquisite piece of jewelry embodies the intertwining of paths we traverse. The continuous knot, adorned with transparent teal and red pigments, reflects the harmonious blending and occasional entanglements we encounter along our unique life's path.


    Made with 925 silver, the Twisted Knot represents both strength and elegance. Its sterling silver composition ensures lasting quality and timeless beauty. The transparent teal and red pigments add a touch of vibrancy and depth, accentuating the knot's intricate twists and turns.


    Embrace the beauty of uncertainty and the allure of the unknown with this symbolic accessory. Wear the Twisted Knot as a reminder to embrace life's twists and turns, for it is in the journey itself that we find true beauty. Let this enchanting piece be a treasured companion, a symbol of resilience, and a celebration of the unique path you tread.

    • Details

      Material 925 silver

      Transparent teal and red pigments

      Total weight  35 gr 

      4 cm * 4 cm * 4 cm

      60 cm chain length

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