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The world has a habit of trying to convince us what our dreams and goals should look like for its own benefit. It tries to tell us how grand they can be or how little we are allowed to spread our wings.
But our dreams are important. Whether grand or simple, they shape the world we want to live in. The images formed deep within our hearts will always teach us about what we want, need or fear becoming.
And if we have the courage to travel down the less beaten path that our dreams tend to call us through, we'll have a great adventure waiting for us. The biggest and most interesting of them all: finding ourselves.
When it's hard to become your own person look forward to these dreams. Be curious about them. Dare to dream with your eyes open despite the push the world gives us.
It's ok to daydream. It's perfectly fine to have the urge to become bigger in some cases while getting smaller in others. Even when the world deems us childish.
There is no timeframe to become the person that makes you happy. That person doesn't always have to be the best or the largest of them all. It only has to be itself.
Even when it doesn't know how.
Look deep within the depths of the barite stone and it will help you find your way.
Material 925 silver
Gemstones Rough crystalline pink barite
 Total weight  133 gr

 5 * 3.5 cm