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You are not as interested in your inner world as you all probably should be. Most of you are so afraid to even scratch its shell, it stopped being funny long ago. Not a good idea to completely ignore it if you ask me. And yet, nobody ever does. 

You know those thoughts you had that didn't quite match up with what you thought the world to be? The ones that everybody deemed a bit dark? You thought that you just have to shove them here and they will never show again. But do you know what else is in there? Remember that softer side you never show of fear of getting hurt? More than that, do you know where your childlike joy and inspiration went when you were told you had outgrown them? 

Yep, all of them are living in your shadow along with everything you kept pruning while you grew up. And when you don't acknowledge them they lash out at you and the world and they murk your shades a bit. They ruin the perfection you set up so hard.

But what if you would listen to what they have to say? Just because they don't match what you think perfect should be, doesn't mean they are not useful. They add in your colour and make you more real.