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White rabbit

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I often see that trapped expression on your face and wonder why do you do this to yourselves. You get stuck in your life and immediately think that it is all over. Your first reaction is to hurry and try to force it into being.

You all seem like such a fatalistic bunch. But no fear, I'm here to help. Of sorts...

Look deep into my depths. I wear the grooves that were imprinted onto me in time. Now look deep inside your soul and find your markings. Remember that all of them are a sign of your own experience. So stand still for a second and focus on your own strength. It will help you move and grow.

Yep. It is rather dangerous to rummage around on this highway for too long. When you do, you will be perpetually late for everything. But always remember to take at least a moment before starting so you can centre yourself. When you run without a purpose, you will never arrive when you truly need to.