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Queen of hearts

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Yes, I know I am slightly prickly. That's how I grew up. I don't like it when other epidotes grow over me, so I manage my own space. That's how you get a happy me. Easy, right?

What I fail to understand though, is why you all love creating those long hellish rules and guidelines for yourselves? It seems you can't function without them. Some are rather ok. But again, why the need to write them all down? Can't you just remember them? I mean, you should all know not to hurt each other. Right?

The ones that stump me the most are the ones that dictate the way you should live your lives and how proper happiness looks like. Why the need to impose your views onto others so harshly and force people beyond their beliefs? Isn't it bothersome to always watch over how other people live? I would be continuously irritated and temperamental too if I always have to check how others live their lives.

Let's all try to relax a bit. Maybe if you weed them a bit before forcing them on other people, it might make your lives easier. That way you have more time to tend your own flowers.