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The mad hatter

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Remember me? The one who likes to make you squirm.
I question and challenge everything you show me. I don't particularly like your small and limited world. I know you think me crazy sometimes, but I consider myself more of a free spirit.

I admit it. You look mighty uncomfortable when I put your beliefs under scrutiny. It feels like they should matter that much more since they are yours, right? But, let's just try to ask ourselves "what if" from time to time. What if you just adopted them along the way from other people? What if they don't truly match you deep down? Maybe if you would do it more often, you wouldn't try so hard to fit into these boxes.

I get somewhat angry and manic when I see you fall prey to your own ignorance. I may seem a bit egotistic and impulsive at times. But not to worry, I've come to help your inner trickster to shout at you a bit harder. Our main focus is on you and helping you carve your own way. Maybe you should listen to us more often.

We love barreling into your perfect persona. We find peace in the chaos it leaves behind. Don't worry so, chaos always creates the sparks for newer and better systems. We can do so much with these jagged pieces.

We may seem mad, but each of our madness is different after all and we should learn to love it the way it is. Just love yours.