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Cheshire cat

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Do you know what stone I am?

I am free! I am logical! I have an innate need to battle your stereotypes and make you look at them better. I hate when you people stick yourselves into a box because it seems easier for you to cope.

I fail to understand why you don't like to see that the world is not as clearly defined as you would like. It just is, and it's beautiful in its imperfection.

And, the best of all, it can be enriched. You can do it if you would listen to that inner voice that I try so hard to bring out. Please don't murder it anymore with your fears and insecurities. " Every adventure requires a first step. "

You are all so fond of going back to what's familiar, it's annoying. Even when you don't particularly like it you don't dare to even look at what might be beyond it. Sometimes, they just don't fit you. Don't force it.

I know, you would prefer no discomfort, but who didn't experience growing pains? Even I had some, and they took forever. I know I may sound a bit mad, but I want to make you think of all the things you didn't do out of fear.
Material 925 silver
Gemstones Rough crystalline azurite
 Total weight  45 gr

 4 * 4.5 cm