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All products come with 12 months warranty.

Each order is carefully checked and packed before shipping. However, if you receive a defective or damaged product we will either refund you the full amount or send a free replacement for it. To claim a full refund against a defective product you must send us images in support of your claim within 24 hours of receiving your order. You can initiate a return by writing to us at

If you discover quality defects such as jewellery/accessories components falling off or jewellery breaking, you can send the products back to us and we will issue a refund for it or send it back to you after fixing them at our cost. The cost of sending back the product to us shall be borne by the customer.

Please note that quality defects or damages caused by rough use, friction, exposure to chemicals (such as soaps, perfumes, sanitisers, lotions etc), excessive heat or water will not be covered by warranty. Basic wearing off caused by regular use of jewellery (especially in the case of tone-plated jewellery) will not also be covered by warranty. Learn more about jewellery care here.

For any other questions or support feel free to write us at or simply message us from our website homepage.

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