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As you probably figured it out, I am Diana Vasile, the mind behind these nine circles of wonders if I can call them that.Happy to meet you!When people ask me how I started with this, I almost always used to tell them that it was a happy mistake that led me to what i wanted to do. What actually happened is that the world has a way of nudging you in the direction that you are supposed to be doing, and you just have to allow yourself to be open to the experience. I did so and it is the best thing that I could have done.Despite being rigurosly trained in math and IT, I rebelled against the perfection of science and I followed my bond with gems and gemstone. I always felt a fascination with them and, at first, collected them wherever I went. When a happy event got me to Assamblage jewelry school, I took some classes and I was hooked. I decided that I was meant to do this.And so it began.


I do have a tendency of going for the brightest gems, the most unique roughs and the best particularities. This might be in part because of my magpie personality, but also because of my obsession with a gem's individuality. These are the gems with the brightest desire to belong. They demand to be included and like to choose their perfect spot.
My main source of inspiration has always been rooted in nature and in the way I interact with it. While I can't keep a cactus alive, I like to freeze it in place forever. I love trapping moments that inspire me. When I am making a piece I feel like I am writing a story I know nothing about and is bursting to be discovered.
I am endlessly drawn by the stunning landscapes that raise the gems I choose and by the wildlife that call these places home. The iridescent flash of a feather, the colorful wing of a butterfly and the blush of a flower are always in my mind. When I create, I enjoy letting my inspiration run rampant through everything that inspires me. That's when I feel everything comes together beautifully. It's also what I need to recharge and replenish my imagination.
Another deep fascination of mine is with colors. I am inspired by the interplay of colors that surround us. Our emotions are closely bonded with colors: some of them uplift our souls while other drain us. We form bonds with colors or we rely on the lack of them.

Making Gold Jewelry
Jewelry Maker's Table

I always felt a bond with gems and minerals. On more times than I can count, I felt them share their energy when I was low. Longer than any living entity they consumed and stored some of Earth's experience and strength. They watched us develop and grow. As such, I always felt a bond with them and needed them in my life.
Despite religion or culture, they always had a place near us. So we hunted them down to accompany us. We were mesmerized by their beauty. We felt their energy and we desperately wanted to share in on it. We felt the need for their protection and we long for their story.
We've tried to tame them and bend them to our will by shaping them. Sometimes they are happy with it and they let us. Other times, their will is stronger and refuse to be molded.
I believe they are good to us. For us they became the shield we needed. Some guided us when we lost ourselves while others melted out pain away while sprinkling joy back into our lives.
I feel that each one has a personality and a story they want told. Each one is an individual entity. That's why each of us gravitates towards some or others. e instinctively crave the one we need to help, center or recharge us.


As an artist I participated in all major related events and exhibitions, the most representative being:

Romanian Jewelry Week - Bucharest (2022)
Uptown Design - Bruxelles (2020)
ARTISTAR - Milano (February 2019, October 2019)
Milano Jewelry Week (2019)
Athens Jewelry Week (2019)
Legnica Jewelry Week (2019)
AUTOR (2015,2018)
PROJECT A - Biannual editions (2013, 2014, 2015)

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