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I do take a number of custom pieces each month, but usually this number is finite because a custom piece requires much more time spent with you in order to best figure out the perfect piece. Creating a custom piece is a very personal and emotional process. I love to listen and inquire more about you in order to be able to create the perfect blend between our personalities. You will be involved in the creation process every step of the way. My ultimate goal is to exceed your expectation by creating an art piece that will be filled with meaning. 

Rectangular Gemstone

Design style and creative process

I work within my own aesthetic, but I like injecting your personality and preference into the piece so we create a piece uniquely suited to you. What I chose not to do is replicate other designers’ work. If my collections and style don’t inspire you, I may not be the perfect designer for you.


The process starts by hearing from you in order to set up an appointment to start on our journey you create your piece. The consultation can be through phone, skype or a personal meeting. There will be no charge for your consultation.

Jewelry Making Over Heat


After our first conversation, I will offer you a selection of gemstones that I feel would suit you best and recommend the appropriate materials for each one. I usually work with recycled sterling silver in my regular collections because it’s pure white color allows me to better showcase the gem’s personality, but other materials could be used depending on your preference. Gemstones and materials are ethically sourced so you need not worry about this issue. We will choose the appropriate materials based on your budget and you’ll receive approximate costs for each option before any commitment is required.

Goldsmith Tools

Quotes and payments

I will then begin creating a few versions of the pieces I’ll propose to you. I don’t make sketches, but I create a few wax sculptures so you can have a feeling of the size and volumes of the piece. We will iron out the materials appropriate for each one and the final costs of each version so you can better decide which option you prefer. Changes can be made if necessary at this point.


Once we agree on the final design, a deposit of half the total piece is required to start the work. The second payment takes place when the piece is finished. Your jewelry will be completed in 6-8 weeks depending on the time of the year, the number of order I currently have and the complexity of the piece, but I will let you know a time frame when we begin.

Jewelry Workbench

Request a Commission

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