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Queen of hearts
  • Queen of hearts

    Welcome to the enchanting realm of Queen of Hearts, where elegance and a touch of rebellion intertwine effortlessly. Our exquisite jewelry collection showcases the beauty of contrasts, just like our namesake gemstones - rough epidote and quartz crystal.


    The Queen of Hearts herself embodies a unique spirit. Unapologetically prickly, she has learned to create her own space, finding happiness in her individuality. She questions the intricate web of rules and guidelines that humans often weave around themselves, wondering why they cannot simply remember the fundamental principles of not hurting one another.


    What truly perplexes her are the rigid expectations imposed on people, dictating the path to happiness and forcefully influencing their beliefs. Embrace your inner rebel and let the Queen's spirit guide you. Just as she defied convention and challenged the status quo, our jewelry invites you to break free from the mundane. Immerse yourself in a world where rules are meant to be bent, and individuality reigns supreme.


    This piece carries the essence of Wonderland, where size and proportion are mere suggestions. Wear our jewelry as a reminder to embrace the extraordinary and celebrate the whimsy of life.

    • Details

      Material 925 silver
      Gemstones Rough epidote and quartz crystal
      Total weight  40 gr

      4 * 4.5 cm

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