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Timeless whispers

Timeless whispers

This art jewelry creation is inspired by the enigmatic White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. This mesmerizing piece, adorned with rough crystalline malachite, captures the essence of life's unexpected twists and the pursuit of purpose.


We often find ourselves trapped in life's maze, hastily trying to force our way forward. The piece serves as a gentle reminder to pause and reflect upon our experiences and strengths. Like the growing grooves etched upon the malachite, our unique markings symbolize our personal journeys and growth.


Crafted from 925 silver and weighing 40 grams, this artful creation measures 4 x 3.5 cm, embodying the balance between motion and stillness. As you navigate life's unpredictable paths, Timeless Whispers encourages you to center yourself and embrace your inner strength.


In the enchanting world of Diana Vas, art jewelry resonates with your soul, transforming you into the living masterpiece you were destined to be. Let us guide you on your journey, reminding you to pause, reflect, and pursue your true purpose with unwavering determination.

  • Details

    Material 925 silver
    Gemstones Rough crystalline malachite
    Total weight  40gr

    4 * 3.5 cm

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